Go Global


Israel - a milestone on a path to global markets

Go Global Israel is an acceleration program that seeks to empower Polish innovation and expertise while drawing from the  outstanding progress the state of Israel had achieved in the last decade in science, innovation, and hi-tech. This success had led to the state of Israel taking on the title of “start up nation” and pointing out the various technological services and products that originated in Israel or were created by Israelis. Go global Israel was created by PIBiR with the partnership of NCBR and Vertical Engine to ensure that whatever assets Israel gained, Poles could learn from.

Companies that will submit their applications and be accepted by both PIBiR and NCBR will be accepted into the Go Global Israel Program and their teams will be given the resources to:

Attend a unique two week program created to suit the needs of Poles who seek to enter new and vibrant markets. In this workshop you will meet Israeli investment angels, gain new leadership and management skills, gain the tools you need to place your product and your company in the spotlight, and experience first-hand how a country long seen as peripheral can become a world leader.

Attend a follow up event in Poland to be held two months after the two week program in Israel is over. In this event, you and the other companies who took the workshop will have a chance to regroup, share what were you able to implement from all the various things you’ve learned, get more insights from a representative of Vertical Engine who will be attending this event and answer your questions, and meet Polish leaders in your field who will show you how to continue your path to success.

Attend a closing event to be held in Poland two months after the follow up event. In the closing event you will have a special opportunity to expand your network of contacts and investment angels, learn from the best Israeli and Polish talents in your field, and share your own experience at the end of this journey with us.


Vertical Engine – accelerating Polish start ups while eliminating the noise of doubt.

Vertical Engine uniquely combines a few things Israel does really well. They include academic innovation (StarTau, which is a Tel Aviv University Program). The skills to establish quick and easy work relations which are vital to get your product to the right people at the right moment. The benefit of intensive hands on experience in leading teams and meeting deadlines as well as being on the cross-roads between Europe and Asia (or, to say it differently, between Polish talent and the great markets of Asia and the rest of the world).

Vertical Engine is committed to your success. To ensure you’ll get the most of your two weeks in Israel special master classes uniquely suited to your company will help you blaze through any existing hurdle you might now wrestle with. Intimate meetings with Israeli investment angels and leaders of innovation are an integral part of the Go Global Israel program as well as making the most of the offices of Vertical Engine in Tel Aviv itself, which is one of the pulsing centers of the international economy. Special attention will be given to the public relation aspect of sales and cultivating the personal interview skills needed when meeting members of the press.